Outside Plant Work

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Fiber Core Communications has more than 15 years of experience working with fiber optics, structured cabling and wireless solutions in commercial and industrial settings. With training in confined spaces and elevated work sites, our certified technicians can complete your job safely. Our project managers will organize the installation to minimize any impact the ongoing work at your plant or factory and oversee Fibre Core’s work to ensure it meets or exceeds your requirements. We test all our work, and we offer emergency repair services.

towerFiber optics can offer a unique solution to the ever increasing demand for bandwidth because of its remarkably high capacity for carrying data; The immunity of fiber optics to electromagnetic interference is another advantage. However, integrating fiber optic cables into high-voltage corridors also poses some technical and safety-related challenges such as corona and dry-band arcing phenomena. When ADSS fiber-optic cables are installed

The installation of fiber-optic cables on transmission towers provides an effective communications system on electric networks. Electric utilities have used fiber-optic cables for several years to provide a communications a link between neighboring substations or between substations and the control desk. It opens new perspectives for the future to create “all optical” Internet and other communications systems.