Structured Cabling

Fiber Core Communication, Inc. (FCC) is dedicated to providing quality, and expertise in sophisticated structured cabling solutions and services for voice, data, and video applications using fiber optics category 3, category 5 and 5e, category 6 and Category 6A 10gig speed rated cable. Since 1997, FCC has designed, engineered, installed, tested, and documented copper and fiber-optic structured cabling systems for business-to-business communications throughout Southwestern Ontario. We utilize a multi-vendor approach to provide a superior communications infrastructure that is engineered to achieve the unique business needs of each customer.

Fiber Core Communication designs and engineers systems to meet those goals by utilizing manufacturer and EIA/TIA industry standards. Because we are a multi-vendor Value Added Reseller, our engineers, project managers, and technicians are trained in the installation and testing of the latest products and technology available. The business community is experiencing increased user usage, complex software application requirements, and the necessity for high-speed Intranet connectivity. Current demands for shorter response times, higher-quality standards, and marketplace competition are forcing businesses to consider additional bandwidth capacity. New technologies, including DSL and wireless LAN systems are causing businesses to question the replacement of copper with fiber and to weigh the budgetary savings against the economic impacts of continuously replacing copper networks. The rapid pace of change within the business community is requiring networks to expand and evolve at a faster rate. All of these technological changes are pushing the limits of today’s communications infrastructure. Fiber Core Communications is positioned to maximize our customers’ structured cabling system performance by achieving scalability, flexibility, and increased capacity.